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Custom Computers

Premium Custom Desktop Computers Introduction.


What is needed to build a good custom made Computer?

First I would like to say a few words on why I formed this company. I’m an Electronic Engineer by schooling. I have worked with large companies as Field Service Specialist in the scientific instruments and computer field. After that I became a product engineer working with small automotive parts, and we all know what happen to that industry.

Then medical problems of the worse kind happen in 2006 and I became disabled. I have always built my own computers. I never have bought a computer from a store, you get what you pay for. I built my first computer in 1980 and taught computer classes at work in the mid 70’s.

So, I thought that I could use my knowledge and design a website and build and sell American assembled custom premium desktop computers. As you can see by all the logos we use proven industry standard components from brand name manufacturers. We pick the very best components for performance, compatibility and based on your budget.

I’ve been a member of eBay since Jan of 2004. I’m in good standing with a rating of 100%  Rate 127 Check

I pledge I will NEVER use used or refurbish parts in any of my computers I build.

The Logo’s at the top of the Home page are the manufactures components we use to build our computers from.

Our Custom Desktop Computer Mini Series

I think some of our would be customers just want a good up to dated custom, high speed computer that is also expandable, but they are not sure where to start, I have a solution to this problem.Cooler Master Case

First I have started a series of 3 models to choose from with some capability of up grading each model. They may all look alike but inside there is many differences. I took one of the best ATX Mini-Tower Case the Cooler Master Elite 343 Steel Case with a Plastic mesh front bezel and 1, 120mm and 92mm fans front & aft, there is room for a third case fan if needed, with 2, 5 1/4″ Bays, one 3 1/2″ Bay, and four 3 1/2 internal Bays, (2) USB 2.0, 2 Audio, Off & On and reset button on the front panel. I use only premium quality parts I’m using three different power supplies from 400W to 500W all top mounted for better cooling. I placed the same MSI H81M-P33 motherboards in 2 models and a H97 over-clock in the MPR-103. I used two Intel Haswell i3’s and one i5-4670. I added 4GB DRR3 PC3 ram minimum into 2 models and 8GB in the MPR-103.  The last two models have video boards; two have  different Seagate hard drives of 500GB SATA 3 Gb/s and one with Western Digital hard drive 500GB SATA 6Gb/s.  1 or 2 DVD / CD burners or a  Blu-ray drive are available too. There are many differences, so please check out my MPR Series specification. All computer models come with a wired keyboard and a wireless 3 button mouse and A warranty which is part of the package. Windows Pro 7 is also available.


Our Custom Desktop Computer Mid-Tower Series

Case Mid Tower
Here we have the TPR Series with two Models in the Mid-Towers too choose from. The Cooler Master 18.9″ x 7.95″ x 17.13″ has 5 external 5.25″, 1  3.5″ and 4 internal 3.5″ bays. The front ports are 2 USB / Audio / IEEE 1394. The power Supply is dual rail at 700W. Both models use a ASRock motherboard one with Intel z75 GEN3 Ivy Bridge i5. The second model, board is a Z77 with a THIRD GEN  Intel i7, both are the K series. They can use the same MSI video board, but on the the second model I will use a EVGA Dual slot video board. Both the motherboards and video boards have over-clocking capabilities. Standard in both models is 8GB DRR3 PCS (12800) with a cas latency of 7. The Seagate hard drive is a 500GB with 64MB buffer. To cool the CPU’s I’m using a Cooler Master  Hyper 212 Plus. A pair of DVD / CD burners with an optional Blu-Ray DVD / CD drive, Card Readers and Hubs. These computers have the capability for RAID 10 and / or SSD and / or SLI with up to two Video boards. Please check out my TPR Series specification. All computer models come with a wired keyboard and a wireless 3 button mouse. These computers can be used for gaming with very few changes. A warranty is part of the package.


Our Custom Desktop Computer your way Model CPR-300

Here you select all your own new components and I will send you a quote for the cost of time and materials to build you a super computer. We only use Intel CPU’s. Please check out my CPR-300 Series where the specifications are all yours. If you need help in choosing a component part, we’ll be glad to help you. Limited warranty is part of the package.


Our New Custom Desktop Gaming Computers Model GPR-401 & GPR-402



Here is our long a waited newest Series of Custom Gaming Computers. The GPR Series is built around 4th GENeration hardware. These two new models are the GPR-401 and GPR-402. The difference is one is powered by Intel i5 and the other with a i7 both are the new 4th Gen CPUs (Haswell) and are unlocked (K Series). Both computers use a gaming Mid Tower case. The power supplies are both 80 Plus Gold up to 750W. Both mother boards are LGA 1150 with Z87 chipsets and are over clockable. They are both liquid cooled with a optional larger cooler. Both computers use DDR3 with 16GB and are upgradeable in speed. The video boards are GeForce 2GB GDDR5 GTX 660 and GTX 670 with a option to upgrade to GTX 770 2GB. All video boards are over clockable. We use one SSD 128GB and one hard drive with 64MB cache and stores 1TB. Optional to have a RAID 0, 1, 10. We recommend the RAID 10 if you want a RAID System. A pair of DVD / CD burners with an optional Blu-Ray DVD / CD drive, Card Readers and Hubs. Please check out my GPR Series specification. All computer models come with a wired keyboard and a wireless 3 button mouse. A warranty is part of the package.



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